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Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris
We offer a large and comprehensive portfolio of tailor made and scheduled Tanzania safari tours form Kilimanjaro in the North East, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous to the South and The World Famous Serengeti National Park. Walking Safaris Tanzania are also available.

Types of Tailor-Made Safaris and Customized Travel:

There are many different types of safaris that you would be interested in doing while in Tanzania. Guided Tanzanian Safaris, where you have a guide accompany you throughout the safari, are one of the most popular ways of travel. The can choose from the many different types of safaris that we run; lodge safaris, camping safaris, self-drive safaris, walking and trekking safaris, and balloon safaris. Another style of travel would be to do a self drive safari; where we would supply you with a vehicle and equipment and would plan and book your route and accommodation for you. Please contact us for these options and our experienced travel consultants will advise and help plan your self drive for you.

Another great way to travel through Africa is by doing a flying safari; the flying safari means that we would make use of private charter flights from one lodge or region to the next. This is an amazing way of seeing a lot of different regions and areas without having to spend time with long road transfers from one lodge to the next.

Puku Adventure Safaris has a long history of tailor-making special interest safaris.

Safari and Adventures in Tanzania:
- Lodge Safaris
- Camping Safaris
- Walking and Trekking
- Self-Drive

- Baloon Safaris

game drive in ngorongoro crater

cycling as part of adventure in Tanzania


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