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Tanzania North and Eastern Parks

Zanzibar is best known as the 'spice island' was the centre for the slave trade in East Africa and base for David Living Stone's expeditions into the unexplored African interior. Smell full of the aroma of cloves and other spices, which still provide a livelihood for many people of Zanzibar . There are two main islands making up Zanzibar , Unguja and Pemba , but Unguja is popularly referred to as Zanzibar . Both Island are famous for its, mile-long untouched beaches with white sands. The island is accessible from the mainland by ferry or by scheduled flights.  Pemba is most easily reached by ferry from Zanzibar , and Mafia is best reached by charter flight from Dar Es Salaam .

The islands are surrounded by unspoiled coral reefs, and are becoming famous for the spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling. The old  " Stone Town " of Zanzibar has been made into a world heritage site. It is a fascinating place with narrow winding streets, old Zanzibari style wooden doors, small shops, busy bazaars and central markets. see hotels in Zanzibar

Saadan National Park
Lies about 70kms North of Bagamoyo, It's one of the few sports in Tanzania where you can enjoy the beach and the bush at the same time. It's also easy accessed from Dar es Salaam as an overnight excursions. Plenty of hippo's, crocodiles and birds in the Wami river with border the park in the South. A long beach streches due east you'll see some beautiful sunrises

Usambara Mountains - Known for it's natural reserve which has now been turned into an eco tourism attraction with greater emphasis on walking and hiking. It is located in Tanga region Walking and hiking through the forestry is the main attraction. Well-established walking routes are present. While walking you have an opportunity to see black and white colobus, blue monkey .

Lushoto is an attractive town situated in the valley at about 1200m above sea level, and surrounded by small patches of pine forest, combined with tropical vegetations. During Germany era Lushoto was a favoured holiday spot for colonial administrators, and it would have been a capital of Germany East Africa, which includes Rwanda and Burundi . It is the center of the Western Usambara and makes an exellent base for hikes on the sorounding hills.

Pare Mountains - These mountains offers cultural hikking and bird-watching, large population of beautifull indigenous trees whick grows in rock.

Mkomazi Game Reserve - Mkomazi terrain is predominantly dry savanna land. This game reserve it's known fr its Black rhino, Other animals including Elephants, giraffes, zebras and antelops, there also numerous snakes and birdlife.

North Eastern Tanzania:
- Zanzibar
- Saadan National Park
- Usambara Mountains
- Pare Mountains
- Mkomazi Game Reserve

Highlights in this Area:
- Game Viewing
- Mountain Climbing
- Trekking
- Baloon Safari
- Cultural Tourism

dolphins in zanzibar
Western Tanzania:
- Mahale Mt. National Park
- Katavi National Park
- Gombe Stream National Park
- Rubondo Island National Park


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